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There are several reasons to commission a piece of furniture.  Possibly it is the desire to surround yourself with things of beauty and meaning.  Perhaps the aesthetics expressed in the work of a particular artist attracts you.  Or it could be that you have a specific need. 

Clients, who have the taste and sophistication to purchase custom pieces, play a special roll in the collaboration between themselves and the artist.  It is important to choose someone whose work inspires you and to express your functional needs clearly. 

It will take time to create such a piece that is designed and built specifically for you.  In order to create such a piece certain unique aesthetic and engineering problems need to be solved.  Unlike production furniture and mass produced art, the process involves a tremendous amount of time.  Each step of the process needs to be worked out.  The time involved is not always predictable, but as they say, "Good things are worth the wait". 

The Procedure is simple.  After a discussion of your requirements including, but not limited to, function, size, and budget, I will present you with a drawing of the design and an estimate.  It is at this juncture that further refinements or modifications may be discussed, and subsequent meetings scheduled as needed, depending on size and scope of the project. 

My design fee represents the time I have spent in designing your piece.  Unlike at stores, window shopping is not an option, lots of time is spent at the design phase of "One of a kind pieces".  This fee is calculated at $150.00 or 15% of the total cost of your project, which ever is less.  This fee is due upon presentation of your design and estimate. 

All orders require a signed purchase order along with a deposit totaling 50% of the cost of the project, to initiate production.  The Balance is due upon completion and prior to or at the delivery of your piece.  Orders are prioritized based on receipt of deposit. 

Please feel free to discuss you ideas with me. I look forward to working with you. 

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