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Functional Art Furniture

Functional Art by definition is basically artistically inspired furniture.  In my case, that often translates to furniture with the art work inlaid directly into the surface.  I’ve never actually considered myself a furniture maker, for me the furniture is just a means to an end.  The furniture acts as my canvas to create my art on.  My projects of choice are usually tables or other pieces that have a flat surface. 

No stains or dyes are used in any of the inlaid artwork; I use the natural color and grain of the wood to create the images.  The resilient colors are of woods that grow naturally all over the world.  The vibrant red of the South American Red Heart, the jet black from the Ebony tree, and the stunning snake skin appearance of Australian Lacewood all contribute to my pallet.  These are but some of the exotic woods I use in the Inlay Process

Of course my work is not limited to inlays and tables as functional art can be found in many different forms.  Sometimes I incorporate carvings into my my works.  Tables, Headboards, and Fireplace mantles to name a few.  I’ve created inlays for media cabinets and other furnishings as well. 

Starting in 2008 I decided to add a more artistic design flare to the actual design’s of my pieces, as can be seen in my new "Elements Collection".  Along with the artistic inlays and carvings, I am looking to have my furniture design’s speak for itself, hopefully creating a ballet of artistic form, function, beauty and originality.  My overall objective in my pieces is to make them the main conversation piece in a particular room, or the center of attention in a client’s home. 

You can see many of my works on my Gallery page.  The gallery allows you to display works for a particular collection, by type of work, or items available for purchase.  I’ve also included some pieces that have already found a place to call home so you can get a broad perspective of my work and perhaps give you ideas for a special piece to call your own.  Please use my Contact page if you have any questions. 

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