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About Tony

Welcome to the world of A. T. Williams, It is my hope that within these pictures you will be spiked with creativity, be impressed with what you see, and most of all, be inspired to want and see more... 

My Medium is wood, with my primary category being, Functional Art Furniture and Wood Sculptures.  I use the furniture I make as the canvas for the solid wood inlaid pictures I create.  I use no stains or paints in my pictures, I use the various colored exotic woods found around the world as my paint pallet.  I also create various 2D and 3D solid woodcarvings with wild life and sea life being my primary subject interest. 

Some artist see an image in the wood and release it, Some have an idea in their head and mold the wood to become the piece, Some search for day, weeks and months for the perfect piece of wood to work with, and some methodically plan, draw and calculate every piece, I am no less eccentric. 

My philosophy is simple; I rarely plan, I seldom sketch till I’m ready to build, and I usually never know what the wood I buy is going to be at the time of purchase.  I usually buy because I like what I see, a specific project is irrelevant. "I let the wood choose me".  I spend hours at the lumber yard just brainstorming with my self, and picking up exotics to be eventually used.  In short, I keep a rolodex of projects in my head, while moving through my shop in day to day operation’s I see wood in corners or on shelves, in some combination they fit one of the projects in my head, so I build it.  "Thus the wide variety of styles in my portfolio". 

A.T. Williams Creations P.O. Box 76 Harleysville, PA 19438 215-896-1916

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